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About Me


About Me

Throughout my life, curiosity has led me to seek out new experiences. This is how I found my love of horseback riding, theatre, musicals, comedy, improv, movies, drawing, singing, and a ton more. But, it's harnessing the "power of purpose" that allows me to transform these experiences into something substantial. Turning a passion or pastime into a skill or talent truly motivates me.

Creativity and the arts surrounded me from a young age. One year, my "over-the-top” creative parents built a haunted house in our 3-car garage for Halloween. I helped build it with my dad and recruited friends to be actors. I loved the process from developing a concept to building out the scenes to directing the actors.

Throughout the years, my love of the arts led me into drama and choir classes in school. I'll admit it - I was a horrible singer but beyond determined to improve. I studied YouTube videos, I listened to my iPod on the bus, and I sang in the shower every day. I went on to compete at ISSMA and placed Silver and Gold.

Passion and purpose go hand-in-hand with me. I realized this the day I walked along Michigan Avenue and saw Columbia College for the first time. I had a passion for the arts, but I tapped into my sense of purpose to make my dream of attending this school a reality. So, I made a plan.

First, I realized that I needed hands-on career experience working in a creative field, and I sought out an internship at Find8 Performance Marketing. I fell in love working in an agency. After my sophomore year, I transferred to Indiana Connections Academy where I attended high school during the evenings and weekends so I could stay at Find8 and save money for school. Recently, I received a promotion to Senior Lead Generation and Online Advertising Team Lead. In this position, I work with companies, like Staley Credit Union and Pizza King, to promote their brands within digital media channels. This job has taught me so much. I've learned how to think strategically, how to solve problems through visual arts, and how to collaborate with a creative team. I've also learned how to keep up with the adults who have years of experience and college degrees over me. Even though it's challenging and oftentimes intimidating, it's taught me what it's like to work in the real world. My co-workers come from all walks of life, and I’m very grateful to be around such amazing and talented people every day.

Next, I signed up for improv, acting, and stand-up classes at Second City Chicago. Before COVID-19, I drove two hours, each way, every week to attend my classes. Driving in Chicago as a teenager, oftentimes in sleet and snow, wasn't going to get in my way, even though my mother chewed her nails while I was on the road.

Finally, I needed money to finance my dream of attending Columbia College. I have worked and saved for over three years. I took a gap year after high school to continue saving. I deposit my entire paycheck, with the exception of the money I need for my car payment, into my 529 savings plan. I know that after graduation it may take a while to get established in my field. I don't want to give up my dreams by having large debt and student loan payments. My goal is to get through school with as close to zero debt as possible. This way I'll be free to take chances.

I am fully prepared to seek out and take on every opportunity that comes at me and nothing will get in my way.

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